Facebook Closed For A Week

Going a complete week without Facebook was worse than I thought. I guess that was because I am so use to my cell phone automatically keeping me logged on 24/7. At first I was like ah no big deal, than after the first day I was like crap, I cannot view what all of my family and friends are up to. I felt like I was being deleted from all the media surrounding me. This was bad timing too, also because it is close to Halloween and everybody is wearing funny costumes and posting pictures and I want to view them.  When I am working I don’t have much time for Facebook so that keeps me occupied for the time being. Then when I am doing homework, using the computer is when I want to log on. It is like a habit that happens over a short period of time. I guess it shows how big of a role technology plays on our daily lives. From this whole experiment I learned something about myself; I rely way too much on the use of technology.  One fact being from my cell phone keeping me logged on all the time; it would drain my battery so fast.  I would be charging my phone at least twice a day. So the week without Facebook it, helped save my battery life, so that was the upside of this whole thing.

Plus, sometimes Facebook become stressful because it has so many updates. It is like once you learn how to post or upload pictures and how to change all of your privacy settings. Well a whole new update changes everything on Facebook, and you have to have the update to continue using Facebook. So then you have to again go on your account and re- do everything. I feel like every time they add a new update it affects our privacy settings.  I only like Facebook because it is a way of keeping in touch with family, old friends, new friends, co-workers who ever you want. I remember when Facebook first started I didn’t want to create an account at first, and then after I did; it was like a race to see who could add more friends on their page. After I was over that I deleted the people I didn’t know, I would rather have a smaller list full of people I know and trust.

                Facebook is good and bad at the same time. It is good because you can do a lot with it; it is bad in the same sense because Jobs search you. So I am so careful on what I post and write. I never post things that could risk my future of becoming a teacher. The more I hear about how Facebook has ruined jobs, especially for teachers. It makes me want to delete it. I feel like it is not a fair way to be judged, but it’s a part of life I guess.  So having a week without Facebook was actually nice. It made me realize how time consuming it actually is and how it can become an everyday addiction!


Tweet Tweet Tweet a Leeeettttttttttttttt

Twitter is an online social network and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

Twitter invites writers to group posts together by topic or type hashtags. A writer can also mention or reply to other users or even retweet what someone else has already posted by pressing the RT button.  I feel like the type of writer that this writing space encourages, is the same writers that are attracted to SMS messaging. These types of writes like to get to their point. Short and sweet little messages to portray how there feeling or what they need is basically what its all about. Very similar to text messaging, Twitter allows users to communicate through SMS messages as an alternate option than going onto the actual applicationt to tweet. I’m not quite sure why anyone would prefer to tweet this way rather than going onto the application but hey, its available if anybody wants to use it. I remember when I accidently signed up for that type of tweeting option and it was a royal pain in the butt. Everytime anyone would retweet anything I said or comment on my tweets, notifications would come to my phone in the form of a text message. I would literally have thirty or forty text messages from Twitter alone. It drove me absolutely nuts, until I found out how to take that option off.

Writing in this writing space is very familiar to me. Outside of this class I already had a Twitter account and would tweet every once and a while. But having Intro to Writing Arts definitely caused me to tweet way more than I normally would. I went from tweeting every once in a blue moon  to fully excersing every aspect of this micro blogging society. I tweeted, OH YEAAAAHHHHH and not just those little one sentence tweets either, I’m talking about those deep tweets, those tweets that included hashtags, pictures, and youtube clips! I even would log on log enough to actually read the funny tweets that came up on my page and began retweeting the really good ones. As a result of writing in this writing space I am able to stay connected with the outside world by posting short little quirky sayings or short sweet inspirational phases on my page or add a comment unto the trending topics.

The composing environment itself impacts the resulting text because of the limited character restraint. The restraint makes the writer have to create multiple tweets to get a full length message across to the public. The only positive thing about the restraint is that it makes writers get to the point way faster than if there was an unlimited character availability. Of course every technology, app, or website has its own can of worms but thats one thing that makes me like Twitter over Facebook.  People can literally make something as simple as a status into a book on Facebook, but not on Twitter baby! Those tweet are short, sweet and to the point. Gotta love that!

After composing in Twitterland it gives a writer a great understanding of what micro blogging is all about. Just like WordPress you are able to write whatever you want but only using a certain amount characters to do it in, whereas in WordPress you are able to write whatever you want for whatever length you want.

Something else interesting about Twitter is the trending topics. This is when a word or phrase or topic is tagged by a large number of people and therefore makes the topic a trending topic. Most of the time trending topics has something to do with celebrities or something that is on the news. These topics serve writers by allowing them to know what is going on in the world.

Ring Ring… A phone call WHAT!? Oh whew it’s just a text.

The cell phone is a great writing space for 21st century students. Most people just look at a phone as a simply that or for the use of its apps but as a student I view my phone as a miniature computer. It is my primary source of communication, and provides instant gratification under a variety of mediums. SMS or the Short Messaging Service, allows me to send messages that take me maybe thirty seconds to produce. This technology allows the sender to receive a speedy response unlike emails that may take sometime before the recipient reads it; a text message is right in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse. Even my favorite apps on my smart phone are based around being able to send short messages to friends and family. Apps like Twitter, Voxer, and Kik are among my top five cell phone apps. I love my cell phone because of the privacy it avails to me as well as its publicity. When your texting it’s such a personal thing, no one else besides the sender and recipient should have access to it. Simply short direct message keep you connected. Where SMS messaging is more on a personal level using apps like Twitter, and Facebook are way more public, unless of course you’re sending direct, or inbox styled messages. But as far as I’m concerned those mediums give you a platform to share what ever it is that you are feeling with a large audience at the touch of a button.

I feel like this type of writing space discourages people that enjoy writing long pieces, like lengthy poems or essays. Of course there are pdf apps that allow you to perform these types of tasks on a cell phone but it’s just not as convenient as using a tablet or laptop. This writing space also may discourage writers that actually enjoy writing, yet have a touch screen phone. The essence of actually writing in my opinion is removed with phone capabilities like dragon diction, swype or speak to text buttons. Mainly because you’re not really “writing” something if all you have to do is slide your fingers across your phone screen or press a button that translates everything that you say into an SMS message.

I feel like the phone as a writing space can be considered to be both familiar and romantic. I personally don’t know one person who hasn’t sent or received a text message before. Most people on a daily basis see tons of people on their cell phones sending messages throughout the day. I consider this medium to be romantic as well if the message is sent or received by a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife. Sweet good morning, or I love you messages can warm the heart of any writer in seconds. Outside of the content of text messages there are a host of online dating apps that I would assume would make cell phone usage seem rather romantic.

This writing space differs from every other writing space because of its limited characters function. I also see the limit of characters as a constraint as well. I mean of course there are loop holes in almost anything though. If you want to write a long message your phone will automatically break each message down for you and place the over lapping text into multiple messages, but it doesn’t create as easily as having everything on one document like WordPress, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs.

The composing environment only holds a certain amount of characters and this understanding forces the writer to keep each message short and sweet, and sometimes even depend on abbreviations like lol, lmao, wth, omg, cyl, and brb to get the message across while saving characters. After composing in this space you can other save it as a draft or send it right away.

It is important to know that as a writer you should spread your writing and composing abilities over a variety of mediums to find out which one is your favorite and inspires you to write your best work.



Word on the Press!

Caprice Chase

Word on the Press!

When writing on WordPress I feel elated. Blogging is a new medium for me as far as writing spaces are concerned and as a writer I feel excited. I am free to write as much as I want, and am also able to make many edits to my blog as I go along.  I can even find fancy smancy things like pictures, videos, and stamps and add it to my blog later on, even after it’s already published! The setup of WordPress reminds me a lot of Microsoft Word documents. As far as editing and adding in pictures is concerned. The coolest thing about this workspace is that you can insert other technologies like screen shots from Jing, images from online, animated widgets and you can even embed videos from Youtube and place them on your blog.

I feel like this type of writing space is useful for anyone whose goal is to present and argument, idea, or even publish poetry or short stories for an audience to see. The writers that may not be interested in this type of writing space are those that actually wish to have their books or poems published at an actual publishing company. I would assume that a writer would not want there work exposed to the general online public, because anyone could take credit for their work and actually get it published if they wanted to.

I believe the type of space this is, is contingent on what the writers work is. This could be considered to be a romantic space, if someone was publishing intimate thoughts, poetry or journal type entries on their blog. It would be familiar to anyone who has ever set up a blog before, through Weebly, Wikispaces, or WordPress, along with a host of other blogging sites.

I feel like the ability to add a new post to a blog on WordPress doesn’t have any constraints, but the actual setting up of your blog page itself has many constraints. Even though on the Dashboard setting it gives you many options as far as widgets are concerned it still seems to lack a few. One of the first things that I tried to do when we first had this assignment was to add pictures on the actual webpage. WordPress allowed me to add a picture to my personal advatar to but no pictures on the actual page like how I was able to add a clock and a calendar to my page.

The environment itself impacts the text that is written because of its publishing ability. For technologies like Microsoft Word the writer is creating a document that may or may not be published, but for WordPress no matter what after your finished your piece you know that its going to be posted to your page online. Knowing this information can bring on a little bit of pressure to someone who is unsure of their writing and doesn’t necessarily want the online public to view it and possibly even criticize.

The important thing to know about WordPress is that it’s professional and it’s there for you! Whenever you want to share something on the inside and get it out there putting the word out is what you have to do! I’m going to continue to blog because for me it’s a liberating experience in collaboration with all of my other faucets of expression via clothing, hair, nails, makeup, fb, twitter, and now WORDPRESS!!

Can’t Live With Out It: Cell Phones

My cell phone, my best friend, my device I cannot live without.  What a beautiful piece of equipment you are.  It is absolutely amazing how much we rely on our cellphones for human interaction.  When walking down 322 on a Wednesday afternoon after Intro to Writing Arts, every single person I passed had a cellphone in their hand texting or one in their ear talking to someone.  Cell phones are literally taking over the world.

Lets take some time to talk about texting. I remember being in seventh grade and getting my first cellphone. I specifically remember it being flip and the brand was Samsung. I was able to have 250 incoming and outgoing texts per month.

Oh how that has changed.  Texting now defines relationships!  If someone doesn’t text you as much you may think your “growing apart.” And if you and the boy you’re talking to, text all the time, that boy is obviously going to ask you out soon. It amazes me on how much my generation texts.

Texting is much different then all of the reflections I posted.  Texting is personal and very private.  The only one who see the text you are texting, is the number you are communicating with.  It is your personal business, no one else’s.  Many people get very angry when you take their cell phone, and if you read someone else’s text messages, well that is just rude.

Quotes by Ellen DeGeneres:

“What’s not so great is that all this technology is destroying our social skills. Not only have we given up on writing letters to each other, we barely even talk to each other. People have become so accustomed to texting that they’re actually startled when the phone rings. It’s like we suddenly all have Batphones. If it rings, there must be danger.

Now we answer, “What happened? Is someone tied up in the old sawmill?”

“No, it’s Becky. I just called to say hi.”

“Well you scared me half to death. You can’t just pick up the phone and try to talk to me like that. Don’t the tips of your fingers work?”

Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously…I’m Kidding

Some restraints? You can’t see what your Mom is saying to your Dad.  Nothing is public when texting someone.  It is like a mini personal email to someone.  If you want to tell someone to meet you  in ten minutes, a quick five-word text would do the trick.  It’s a great tool on your cellphone.

Then there’s the IPhone/smartphone that opens a whole new bag of worms!  Now you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and hundreds of millions of various applications you can download.  The possibilities are endless on a smart phone.  Once you get one, there is no way you can ever go back to a “dumb” phone. You have just seen too much.



I would of never thought in a million years that I would be required for a class to use some sort of social media site. Especially Twitter!  To be honest, most of the people I follow on twitter are not school appropriate or school related, so when hearing I had to tweet about school, I was baffled. I just thought that Twitter was a place for teenagers and early age adults to use for enjoyment.  I didn’t even think it could be used for educational purposes. When learning about Twitter in class, I nodded my head smiled and said, hey, I could get used to this.  Immediately when I heard that we had to make a twitter for class, I had to tell to my close friend Rachel who is totally against it.  She refuses to get one no matter how hard I try to convince her.  I called her up and told her she would have had to make one if she was in my situation.

Writing in this space was extremely familiar to me since I already had one.  I love hash tagging and seeing what’s trending and just love to follow “Mean Girls” and “Txt from Last Night.”  All that to say, I knew the website inside and out.

This space is so much different then all of the spaces I am reflecting upon.  First, with Word, Doc, and WordPress you can write as much as your little heart desires.  With Twitter, that is a totally different story.  Your tweets can be no longer then 140 characters.  No matter how much you want that to change, it will NOT let you post if it is over the limit.  It is very unique and I love to use daily.  When we were not allowed to use Facebook for a week, I used twitter much more then I usually do.   It was rather annoying that I couldn’t write more then 140 characters especially since what I had to say obviously was very important.I just had to condense it and make it the right amount of characters.

The environment of posting to Twitter was very laid back.  I would find an article that would interest me about any social media site and tweet the article and then hash tag #tfwf12.  It was awesome because I was able to share what I was interested in and even talk about some blogging ideas.  I enjoyed using Twitter in class and I hope I will be able to use it educationally in the future.

If you asked me how my tweets would have been viewed before this class, I would have said that it would be dumb to talk about educational things because no one would read it.  I probably would have said something along the lines of  “thats not the nature of the site.”  I honestly thought that no one tweets important information.  But now, I know that is not true.  There is so many professors, and doctors I can follow that have useful information for my life. I also can tweet educational topics and maybe important people would read it.  I can’t wait to use Twitter in the professional world.


Add New Post: WordPress

The first day coming into Intro to Writing Arts, Kopp Module, I did not know what to expect.  My ideas of what the class was going to be like was, well…I am going to be writing a whole lot.  Yes, there was a whole lot of writing but it  was not the kind of writing I was expecting.

The bulk of the writing in module 1 was in blog form on WordPress.  This site and I had a love/hate relationship with.  For our WordPress assignment I had to post a blog two times a week.  This is the kind of writing I actually like writing because it is mostly a free write about a specific topic and then a topic of my choice.  The hate part of the relationship was that I actually had to do the work.  #lazycollegestudentconfession

Over all though, WordPress was a positive experience for me.  It is a great, free, educational web site that made this class fun!  Adding pictures and videos to text is so much better then reading long boring articles.  The colorful themes made it an enjoyable project to do twice a week.  WordPress can be used by anyone who can write and wants to get their opinion in the public.  A person following the Presidential candidates can make blog about who they favor and who they want to be president.  Also, a middle aged washed up writer can blog about how their book was never published and bash every publishing company out there.  There is endless possibilities to blogging because it is a tool to get your own writing out there for the world to see.

WordPress is totally different from Word and Docs.  It has a component that allows anyone to search the web and possibly they could stumble upon your very own blog. You could be quoted in an article or start even a controversy.

This environment of text is very laid back.  To me it’s not as enjoyable as Facebook or Twitter but it gives it the feel that you don’t have to write so professionally.  You can state your own opinion or maybe use one or two slang words that are funny and get your point across.  WordPress was very easy to use once I got the hang of it and figured out to do some key things.  In the beginning it was difficult trying to figure out how to invite my fellow bloggers to blog with me but as soon as I found the button, I realized it was all under my nose.  I would say this program is very familiar to me because of how much I used it.  Inserting hyperlinks  is a great way for your blog to become more interesting.  People can gain more information then just your opinion on your blog post.   You are giving them a link to the world wide web in co-hertz with the subject you’re talking about.  WordPress allow you to post an article to support your argument you are blogging about.  I loved WordPress and if I had to blog again, this would be the first site I would turn to.

If It’s for Free, It’s for Me, Well…..Eventually: Google Docs

I haven’t become completely familiar with Google Docs so right now it seem very foreign to me. So many familiar button around some that seem like gibberish.  Even though I am new with the program, it attracted me as a student who constantly has group projects because of the activity we did in Intro to Writing Arts. The hour and fifty minute class made extremely curious. Docs could attract a 6th grader because of their group project on Greek Mythology or a well renowned writer, sending his new novel to his editor.  Many different kinds of people can use it and it would be beneficial to all of them.
Unfortunately there is not much to reflect because of how unfamiliar I am with it. But when using it in class for the short amount time, it blew my mind.  It is like a live chat room! You can change the colors and it shows who is what color on the top right.  So simple but it also made me think, why didn’t I think of that?  
This program made me want to get out of my “Microsoft Word box” and see what other programs I could use to make my assignments easier and more interesting. It perfect for group projects! If you can’t meet at set place at a certain time, all of your group members can go on the same document and edit what you need at anytime instead of having to keep sending it to each other through email.  All of the editing can happen on this one program, Google Docs.  There is also a sidebar where you can leave comments about what you wrote.  If you deleted a sentence that one of your group members wrote, you can write it in the side comment box and explain why you decided to delete it.  Honestly, I wish I learned about this program a while ago.  This is an up and coming program that will soon be used all the time in classrooms around the world.  I know that once I get more familiar with it, I will use it in my classroom after I get my degree.

Google Docs has some similarities with Word.  You are able to change the font, insert video and underline, but it doesn’t have as many tools as the highly priced Microsoft Word. Another cool thing about Google Docs is that it is completely free of charge.  Not many things in life are free, so might as well use it!

But there are some constraints for me when using Google Docs.   The big one is, I don’t know how to work my way through the program.  I just haven’t used it enough to say that I have a grasp on the concept.  I have been reading articles on how you can use it in a presentation and also as a spread sheet, but I haven’t put it into practice yet.  In my Educational Technology class I will going to a workshop on Google Docs, and I am stoked to see what this program entails.

Endless Possibilities: Microsoft Word

I remember sitting in my third grade computers “specials” classroom learning about Microsoft Word.  I thought to myself, I am never going to get the hang of this. Whenever any of her students would get frustrated, she would say in her squeaky librarian voice. “Everyone is going to thank me one day because you will use this program all the time.” Well, Mrs. Rodgers was right, I do use this program all the time.  In fact, whenever I am asked to use another program, I whimper and complain on learning something new because of how comfortable I am with Word. Writing on this space is extremely easy for me.  I now know all of the letters on the keyboard by heart.  I can look at the page and not have to glace down at my fingers.  I know how to change the line spacing from single space to double space very quickly, changing the font is just a click away, and spell check is literally a two-finger tap (I am a Mac user).  Even in my college years I use this program regularly.  I have a class right now called “Education Technology” and I am learning new ways to use Word.  I am learning great learning tools to have in my classroom after I get my teaching degree.  For example, I learned how to make a Table of Contents page with out having to use the tab key.  By clicking some buttons, the table of contents page automatically is created.  Word is a fantastic program.

Word is great tool to do so many different things.  I can write a 15-page report, type out a bulleted list, insert tables, electronically count the amount of words on the paper, or insert a video.  Microsoft Word has so much to offer.  Its so vast that I don’t know most of the capabilities this program possesses.  It is easy to use and very convenient.  Every single computer on Rowan University’s campus has the program installed in the computer.  Mac or Windows, its there!

There aren’t many constraints on this program.  It offers up so many options.  It screams education and is the perfect program to write a paper in. It doesn’t have the capability of presenting a slide show like PowerPoint does but that’s just one thing is can’t do.  When I am first trying to get my ideas down, I don’t like to use Word as I stated before.  The ideas just don’t come as easy to me with out a pencil and paper. But when I do have a great idea on what I have to write and everything is thought out, a blank Word document gets me excited to write.  It leads to so many possibilities! I would rather approach a Word document with information then with out a clue.  I work better that way.

After writing in a Word document, you can send the information anywhere.  Your able to send an email to a professor, print it out and hand your resume to an employer, or attach the file to a social media site.  The possibilities are endless!